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Serious Question What’s the actual point of having SNP MPs down at Westminster Wouldn’t it be more beneficial to have them working in Scotland for Scotland.

Sounds like the SNP MP a are Fighting each other not Scotland’s corner….

What’s your suggestion for a one policy (independence) Scottish political party to complete directly against the SNP?

SNP separatists declare independence to leave United Kingdom SNP seem to think that European Union would solve all their problems wanting to be member of European Council to be governed and controlled by the corrupt system within European Parliament handover Scotland to EU.


This vox pop appears to be party political relating to the Conservative,Plaid Cymru,Scottish National Party parties. It has the keywords ‘independence,party,scotland,snp’. There were a total of 58 unique tweets in the group. The politicians Kirsten Oswald (Scottish National Party), John Mason (Scottish National Party), Angus Robertson (Scottish National Party), Dr Philippa Whitford (Scottish National Party) and Pamela Nash (Labour) (plus others) were mentioned in this group of tweets. The average age of tweets in this group is more than a day old. The sentiment score was -0.04. The aggregate score was 471.29.

Category Score
SNP 2.87
Plaid Cymru 2.41
Scotland 2.08
SNP (Leader) 1.83
Election 1.80
Wales 1.61
Conservatives (One Nation) 1.60
US 1.57

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Core Emotions

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Economic and Social Spectrum

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How the primary tweet was scored:

FROM: lorraine1locked
ORIGINAL: Nicola Sturgeon accused of 'running scared' of SNP members over her independence strategy after party conference cut to a day https://t.co/DBincE2N92
NORMALIZED: Nicola Sturgeon accused of 'running scared' of SNP members over her independence strategy after party conference cut to a day
NORMALIZED TAG STRING: _nicola_sturgeon_accused_of_running_scared_of_snp_members_over_her_independence_strategy_after_party_conference_cut_to_a_day_

FINGERPRINT: /what:election,plaid,snp/who:/where:/when:P1D
ACCEPTED CATS: [election, plaid, snp]
EVENT CATS (>25%): 
as: 26%
con: 29%
election: 40%
far_right: 27%
green_party: 33%
islamophobia: 27%
lab_blue: 26%
lab_centre_attack: 30%
lab_leader: 26%
lab_left_disinfo: 29%
lab_soc: 35%
lib_leader: 32%
opposition: 29%
party_attack: 36%
personal_attack: 31%
plaid: 46%
snp: 44%
snp_leader: 32%
transphobic_voice: 30%
us: 28%

Initial Score: 2.000000
Favorite (36) boost: 3.556303
Retweet (26 @ 0.03 per/min) boost: 3.590386
Sentiment (Net -0.06) modified: 3.590386
Political (election) boost: 7.180772
Past tense (VBD) penalty: 6.527974
Impersonal (VBG) bonus: 7.833569
Past tense (VBD) penalty: 7.121426
Final normalized score: 10.682140

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