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Whitehall sources claim she ‘harassed and belittled’ staff while international development secretary.

Top civil servant in the Home Office, Sir Philip Rutnam, has resigned.

Priti Patel‘s future in doubt after senior Home Office civil servant resigns.

Priti Patel accused of bullying a 3rd senior civil servant #SackPritiPatel She admits her own parents would not have passed the tests. Labour has been accused of coordinating bullying allegations against Priti Patel after ⁦❲Jeremy Corbyn❳⁩ revealed that civil servants had made complaints to the party.

There is highly credible evidence that Home Secretary is a LIAR and a BULLY She was previously sacked from the Cabinet for treasonous actions No.10 is smearing a senior civil servant And leading political commentators think this is Okay?!

So Darren suggests we ignore the former senior Civil Servant in the Home Office, and other Civil Servants, who have made allegations of bullying against #PritiPatel and rely on the testimony of a fellow Tory member, to prove that Priti (awful) Patel is the real victim?

Sir Philip Rutnam ‘declared war’ on Priti Patel, says senior civil servant in new backing for Home Secretary.

Sir Philip Rutnam, the senior civil servant who resigned on Saturday claiming he was bullied and forced from office, has begun legal action against the government over his treatment by Priti Patel, his union has told the @guardian.

Excl: Priti Patel accused of bullying a 3rd civil servant so badly that he signed off with stress.

BREAK: In last 24 hrs, Labour have been contacted by civil servants in Home Office and other departments with more bullying and harassment allegations against ❲Priti Patel❳.

A senior civil servant has launched an attack on Sir Philip Rutnam, the Home Office’s former top official, for “declaring war” on Priti Patel, accusing him of having “undermined the integrity” of his profession.

As Labour demands Priti Patel‘s resignation as Home Secretary over bullying allegations – Mike Graham says the civil service cage has been rattled. He says tens of thousands of pounds has been “spaffed up the wall” to “buy the silence” of civil servants the Home Secretary has bullied in previous jobs.


This vox pop appears to be party political regarding the Conservative party. It has the keywords ‘allegation,bully,civil,home office,home secretary,labour,priti patel,senior,servant’. There were a total of 18 unique tweets in the group. The politicians Jeremy Corbyn (Labour), Priti Patel (Conservative) were mentioned in this group of tweets. The average age of tweets in this group is more than a day old. The sentiment score was -0.08. The aggregate score was 265.26.

Category Score
Conservatives (Right) 8.84
Conservatives (People) 6.83
Scandal 5.85
Voice: Victim 4.89
Security Services 3.79
Corruption 3.67
Government 3.65
War 3.63

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FROM: tnewtondunn
ORIGINAL: Excl: Priti Patel accused of bullying a third civil servant so badly that he signed off with stress. New allegations that she forced out her private secretary while running DFID.
NORMALIZED: Excl: Priti Patel accused of bullying a 3rd civil servant so badly that he signed off with stress. New allegations that she forced out her private secretary while running DFID.
NORMALIZED TAG STRING: _excl_priti_patel_accused_of_bullying_a_3rd_civil_servant_so_badly_that_he_signed_off_with_stress_new_allegations_that_she_forced_out_her_private_secretary_while_running_dfid_

FINGERPRINT: /what:con_people,con_right,scandal/who:priti_patel/where:/when:
ACCEPTED CATS: [con_right, scandal, con_people]
EVENT CATS (>25%): 
con: 27%
con_people: 56%
con_right: 71%
government: 26%
leaks: 28%
scandal: 41%
security_services: 31%
victimized_voice: 34%

Initial Score: 2.000000
Favorite (1086) boost: 5.035830
Retweet (754 @ 0.12 per/min) boost: 5.156178
Politician (Priti Patel) mention bonus: 6.156178
Sentiment (Net -0.07) modified: 6.156178
Follower (146601/1306) boost: 20.687054
Old (15660.34 days) penalty: 13.791370
Political (con_right) boost: 27.582739
Past tense (VBD) penalty: 25.075217
Impersonal (VBG) bonus: 30.090261
Past tense (VBD) penalty: 27.354783
Past tense (VBD) penalty: 24.867984
Impersonal (VBG) bonus: 29.841581
Final normalized score: 44.762372
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