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SNP aren’t going to deliver independence.

Are you going to declare independence from SNP Scotland?

DT Dr Philippa Whitford: Retweet Roben: The SNP Dr Philippa Whitford Even as an undeserving southerner who loves Scotland.The case for Scottish independence has never seem….

Move to Scotland, join the SNP, vote Yes in a second independence referendum.

Was thinking during this strange hiatus in all things ‘Yes’… what is the point in having an SNP if they need permission from a different country to arrange independence for Scotland?


This vox pop appears to be party political relating to the Plaid Cymru,Scottish National Party,Conservative parties. It has the keywords ‘independence,msp,scotland,snp’. There were a total of 47 unique tweets in the group. The politicians John Mason (Scottish National Party), Dr Philippa Whitford (Scottish National Party), Alyn Smith (Scottish National Party), Boris Johnson (Conservative) were mentioned in this group of tweets. The average age of tweets in this group is more than a day old. The sentiment score was -0.05. The aggregate score was 410.75.

Category Score
SNP 3.14
SNP (Leader) 2.36
Scotland 2.33
Plaid Cymru 2.29
Wales 1.59
Conservatives (One Nation) 1.41
UK 1.37
US 1.32

Keywords Trend

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Word Cloud

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Location of Tweets

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Political Sentiment

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Core Emotions

The following graph highlights the happy/sad (happiness) emotion in tweets and the love/hate (love) views in tweets within this group. The x-axis is despair (-1) to ecstacy (+1). The y-axis is rage/hate (-1) to love.

Economic and Social Spectrum

The following graph highlights the social/economic views in tweets within this group. The x-axis is economically socialist (-1) to economically capitalist (+1). The y-axis is socially conservative (-1) to socially progressive (+1).

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More Examples:

How the primary tweet was scored:

FROM: lorraine1locked
ORIGINAL: Nicola Sturgeon accused of 'running scared' of SNP members over her independence strategy after party conference cut to a day https://t.co/DBincE2N92
NORMALIZED: Nicola Sturgeon accused of 'running scared' of SNP members over her independence strategy after party conference cut to a day
NORMALIZED TAG STRING: _nicola_sturgeon_accused_of_running_scared_of_snp_members_over_her_independence_strategy_after_party_conference_cut_to_a_day_

FINGERPRINT: /what:election,plaid,snp/who:/where:/when:P1D
ACCEPTED CATS: [election, plaid, snp]
EVENT CATS (>25%): 
as: 26%
con: 29%
election: 40%
far_right: 27%
green_party: 33%
islamophobia: 27%
lab_blue: 26%
lab_centre_attack: 30%
lab_leader: 26%
lab_left_disinfo: 29%
lab_soc: 35%
lib_leader: 32%
opposition: 29%
party_attack: 36%
personal_attack: 31%
plaid: 46%
snp: 44%
snp_leader: 32%
transphobic_voice: 30%
us: 28%

Initial Score: 2.000000
Favorite (36) boost: 3.556303
Retweet (26 @ 0.01 per/min) boost: 3.563155
Sentiment (Net -0.06) modified: 3.563155
Old (9483.04 days) penalty: 2.375437
Political (election) boost: 4.750873
Past tense (VBD) penalty: 4.318976
Impersonal (VBG) bonus: 5.182771
Past tense (VBD) penalty: 4.711610
Final normalized score: 7.067415

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