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#Australia and the #EU do not have a deal and trade on World Trade Organization (#WTO ) terms.

Britain will begin preparations to leave the EU without a trade deal in just 4 months’ time if Brussels has not agreed to the United Kingdom’s key demands by then


This trending topic appears to be party political regarding the Conservative party. It has the keywords ‘boris johnson,brexit,coronavirus,eu,government,united kingdom’. There were a total of 5 unique tweets in the group. The average age of tweets in this group is more than a day old. The sentiment score was -0.06. The aggregate score was 661.35.

Category Score
Trade 15.77
Europe 11.77
Business 10.62
Internationalism 9.94
Voice: Brexit (Leave) 8.97
Policy: Conservative 8.89
Brexit (Leave) 8.77
Human Rights 8.01
Peace 7.94

Keywords Trend

The following graph shows the popularity of keywords in this group over time.

Political Sentiment

The following graph highlights the left/right (wing) alignment of the tweets and the love/hate (sentiment) expressed. The x-axis is far-left (-1) to far-right (+1). The y-axis is strong disagreement (-1) to complete agreement(+1).

Core Emotions

The following graph highlights the happy/sad (happiness) emotion in tweets and the love/hate (love) views in tweets within this group. The x-axis is despair (-1) to ecstacy (+1). The y-axis is rage/hate (-1) to love.

Economic and Social Spectrum

The following graph highlights the social/economic views in tweets within this group. The x-axis is economically socialist (-1) to economically capitalist (+1). The y-axis is socially conservative (-1) to socially progressive (+1).

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How the primary tweet was scored:

FROM: theneweuropean
ORIGINAL: Boris Johnson warned he may need to extend Brexit transition period https://t.co/avxdEhnaIf
NORMALIZED: Boris Johnson warned he may need to extend Brexit transition period
NORMALIZED TAG STRING: _boris_johnson_warned_he_may_need_to_extend_brexit_transition_period_

FINGERPRINT: /what:brexit/who:boris_johnson/where:/when:
EVENT CATS (>25%): 
angry_tone: 37%
brexit: 41%
brexit_leave_voice: 34%
climate: 26%
con_leader: 27%
con_policy: 27%
government: 32%
internationalism: 27%
peace: 26%
protest: 29%
topic_covid_19: 27%
trade: 35%
us: 31%

Initial Score: 2.000000
Favorite (65) boost: 3.812913
Retweet (46 @ 0.07 per/min) boost: 3.882965
Politician (Boris Johnson) mention bonus: 4.882965
Sentiment (Net -0.10) modified: 4.882965
Follower (81517/645) boost: 16.698072
Political (brexit) boost: 33.396145
Past tense (VBD) penalty: 30.360132
Final normalized score: 45.540197
Above Threshold

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