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government, crisis, business, covid_19, nhs, coronavirus, support, covid19


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Given the fact that aviation will be the last sector to recover, this is vital.


This news item appears to be party political. It has the keywords ‘business,coronavirus,covid-19,covid19,crisis,government,nhs,support’. There were a total of 5 unique tweets in the group. The politicians Gavin Newlands (Scottish National Party), Jack Lopresti (Conservative) were mentioned in this group of tweets. The sentiment score was -0.00. The aggregate score was 1854.55.

Category Score
Financial 30.54
Business 27.05
Health 24.22
Workers Rights 24.14
Transport 22.06
Welfare 21.74
Trade 21.56
Privatisation 20.36
Coronavirus 20.27

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How the primary tweet was scored:

NEWS EVALUATION (Fri Apr 17 17:39:56 BST 2020)
FROM: mndcampaigns
ORIGINAL: Thanks to @paulbristow79 for raising the omission of #MND from the list of conditions 'extremely vulnerable’ to #covid19 @CommonsHealth meeting.  

We’re pleased @MattHancock is ‘open to putting all people living with motor neurone disease on the list’ & want to hear more.
NORMALIZED: Thanks to ❲Paul Bristow MP #StayHomeSaveLives❳ for raising the omission of #MND from the list of conditions 'extremely vulnerable' to #covid19 @commonshealth meeting. We're pleased Matt Hancock is 'open to putting all people living with motor neurone disease on the list' and want to hear more.
NORMALIZED TAG STRING: _thanks_to_paul_bristow_mp_#stayhomesavelives_for_raising_the_omission_of_#mnd_from_the_list_of_conditions_extremely_vulnerable_to_#covid19_@commonshealth_meeting_we_re_pleased_matt_hancock_is_open_to_putting_all_people_living_with_motor_neurone_disease_on_the_list_and_want_to_hear_more_

FINGERPRINT: /what:health,lab_people/who:andrew_lewer,matt_hancock,paul_bristow/where:/when:
SHORT FINGERPRINT: /HTHLPL/pol:4070,pol:4659,pol:4792/
ACCEPTED CATS: [health, lab_people]
EVENT CATS (>25%): 
_unknown: 27%
education: 36%
green_leader: 26%
happy_tone: 28%
health: 43%
homelessness: 37%
lab_people: 40%
lab_voice: 26%
local_politics: 37%
positive: 33%
poverty: 27%
topic_covid_19: 38%
transport: 36%
us: 27%
very_positive: 31%
wales: 33%
welfare: 27%
workers_rights: 28%

Initial Score: 2.000000
Political Party (Conservative) boost: 12.000000
Favorite (19) boost: 12.127875
Retweet (13 @ 0.05 per/min) boost: 12.138718
Politician (Paul Bristow) mention bonus: 13.138718
Politician (Matt Hancock) mention bonus: 14.138718
Politician (Andrew Lewer) mention bonus: 15.138718
Trusted source bonus: 151.387176
Sender Recognized (Person{countryCode=null, countryCode3=null, lat=0.0, lon=0.0, continent=null, birthYear=0, totalPageViews=0, gender=Male, occupation=mp, industry=null, domain=null, id=pol:4659, name=Andrew Lewer, partial=null, twitterUsername=alewermbe}) boost: 756.935878
Sentiment (Net 0.08) modified: 378.467939
Follower (7091/1333) boost: 504.981772
Political (lab_people) boost: 1009.963545
First person penalty: 504.981772
Impersonal (VBG) bonus: 605.978127
Personal (VBP) penalty: 403.985418
Impersonal (VBZ) bonus: 484.782501
Impersonal (VBG) bonus: 581.739002
Impersonal (VBG) bonus: 698.086802
Final normalized score: 349.043401
Above Threshold

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